Brad and Jessica McNally have both been musically inclined throughout most of their lives. When they began dating in late 2017, they immediately realized that they shared not just the love of music, but enjoyed many of the same artists. They started spending their weekends learning new songs together. Between the front porch swing and the living room, they played songs on a nearly daily basis. That winter they began playing in front of family and friends when they could.

In the fall of 2018, they began playing songs whenever possible on any stage they could find. Between playing here and there at bars and events, they managed to plan a wedding and perform in front of their families during the ceremony.

In early 2019, they began exploring the idea of a more formal project. Named after a ghost town located just miles from where they call home, Ingham Station was born. Often performing as an acoustic duo, they hope to be able to collaborate with other artists in the future as well.